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Cassanovum EGG

Premium Preparation for Quality Egg Formation

Cassanovum EGG contains vitamins and minerals for women to help improve egg quality and general fertility to help maximize chances of conception either naturally or through IVF treatment. The supplement is a carefully balanced comprehensive formulation with effective doses to help achieve the best results.

Natural Cycles Pregnancy Preparation & IVF Cycles Support Range

Understanding EGG quality and how YOU
can influence the chances of becoming pregnant!

EGG QUALITY. What does it mean? 
It is a potential of an egg to become a viable pregnancy after fertilization. 
Sadly many fertilized eggs never become a successful pregnancy,
only a third actually survive to become a baby.
This issue receives little attention.

Egg quality plays a critical role in how long it takes to become pregnant, whether naturally or through IVF, and the result often depends on the egg’s DNA.​

Taking a prenatal multivitamin every day is essential to 
prepare for pregnancy. Some vitamins can help prevent birth 
defects and may also make it easier to become pregnant 
by restoring ovulation and boosting egg quality.

​​​Worldwide Health Organisation recommends Folic Acid Supplementation before and during pregnancy.

As a dietary supplement.  Start on any day of the menstrual cycle - adults take 1 tablet daily with a full glass of water. Minimum supplementation for benefit is 3 months. As always consult your doctor regarding supplementation or medication whilst pregnant.

22 Essential vitamins for pregnancy preparation
 and quality eggs development

     It is a molecule naturally produced in the body and correct levels are needed for the production of certain hormones critical to fertility such as estrogen and testosterone.

     DHEA levels decline with age, depriving the ovaries of the vital hormones that are responsible for correct egg development.

    Supplementation with DHEA may improve ovaries function allowing more eggs to mature and improve their quality.

    DHEA can reduce the chromosomal abnormalities and boost pregnancy rates by correcting the environment of eggs maturation. 

In IVF patients it may increase the number and quality of eggs retrieved and so increase the chance of becoming pregnant.

    DHEA -> Dehydroepiandrosterone and how it works:


The levels of melatonin decline with age and as a result ovaries lose this natural protector against oxidative stress – scientists have recently discovered that taking melatonin supplement can restore 
antioxidant defences inside eggs and improve egg quality.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to infertility and research shows women with sufficient vitamin D levels are more likely to get pregnant, and produce high quality eggs 
and embryos (for those undergoing in vitro treatment). 


Vitamin D plays a role in hormone production that controls reproduction. Deficiency may interrupt estrogen levels reducing production of antimullerian hormone (AMH) which is involved in the growth of ovarian follicles.


Magnesium is crucial for many basic functions of the 
body and good health. Some of the functions are: 
blood pressure regulation, maintaining healthy 
heartrate, balancing blood sugar levels and muscles 

Magnesium is crucial for many basic functions of the body and good health. Some of the functions are: blood pressure regulation, maintaining healthy heart rate, balancing blood sugar levels and muscles health.

Magnesium deficiency (not enough) has been linked with female infertility. This is because magnesium supports blood supply to the uterus and progesterone production – a hormone essential in the 
menstrual cycle, sometimes referred to as ‘the hormone of pregnancy’. Magnesium also supports egg formation and when taken along with selenium helps lower the risks of miscarriage.


One of the roles inositol plays in fertility is the development of follicles and blood sugar balance. 
Inositol (Myo-inositol) is part of the vitamin B family and has been found in the follicular fluid of higher quality eggs. Inositol is also thought to increase insulin sensitivity of the ovary, which helps improve egg quality. 

It is recommended that a woman who is trying to conceive should take it three months before they try to conceive while their eggs are developing. It may improve egg quality and pregnancy rate in women with failed IVF.

CoQ10 and how it works

CoQ10 transfers electrons inside the mitochondria creating electrical energy, which then fuels creating healthy eggs. Eggs need energy in the form of ATP to be able to mature properly. Not enough energy may result in egg abnormalities (poor quality). 
The energy is also needed to develop the fertilized egg into a blastocyst and for correct implantation. 

CoQ10 increases the production of energy (ATP) and the ATP supply needed to fuel egg development and so it suggests that it can significantly improve egg quality.

Eggs can take 3-4 months to develop and 
CoQ10 needs several weeks to build up in tissues so for IVF treatment it is recommended to take this supplement 4-6 months in advance to make a significant difference in the chance of success.


Zinc is a key factor in making many parts of the reproductive system work properly. Zinc helps the cells divide properly; keep levels of estrogen and progesterone in balance and maintain the reproductive system fully functioning.


Selenium is a mineral antioxidant that helps protect your 
body from free radicals damage. Together with vitamin E 
selenium is an essential nutrient for fertility that helps to 
achieve pregnancy. Selenium deficiency has been linked to 
infertility and so selenium supplementation before trying 
to conceive is very important. 

Selenium helps to protect the eggs from chromosomal damage which is known to be a cause of failed conception, miscarriages and  birth defects. Selenium supports healthy cell division and can increase chances of healthy conception.


Oxidative stress is associated with decreased female fertility and is caused by lifestyle and environment – alcohol, tobacco and caffeine intake are the most common amongst many 
others that increase oxidation having a direct impact on fertility. 

Lycopene is an antioxidant found in tomatoes that may play a beneficial role in female fertility by fighting reactive oxygen species.

Beta Carotene 

This crucial phytonutrient helps regulate your hormones, it supports healthy development of an early pregnancy.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K2 is involved in many processes 
within the human body that are critical for fertility and a healthy pregnancy, such as blood coagulation, bone metabolism and some other calcium dependant events. Some research into health benefits of vitamin K2 have shown encouraging results for the embryo development.

Vitamin E

Essential to improve fertility - Without vitamin E the body cannot reproduce. It is a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that has a beneficial effect on egg quality, 
it reduces the free radical damage in ovarian follicles.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant found in ovarian follicles that may help in some age-related decline in ovarian function. Research shows that it could be helpful to women with unexplained 

Vitamin B6

According to studies vitamin B6 lowers chances of miscarriage by 50% and improves fertility by 120%.
Vitamin B6 therefore plays a vital role - may increase progesterone levels and lengthen the luteal phase to the optimum, reduce the production of prolactin and
help with cell division.  

Vitamin B12

Some studies have found that a deficiency of B12 may increase the chances of irregular ovulation, and in severe cases, stop ovulation altogether.

Thiamine B1

Riboflavin B2

Niacin B3

B Vitamins support female fertility through the 
regulation of hormonal activity, the levels can be easily 
exhausted through alcohol, smoking and stress.

PLUS the following important nutrients
are known to have a direct impact on 
improving female fertility:









To maximize your chances of conceiving it is 
crucial that you are obtaining the right nutrients
and in the right quantities to enhance your 
success. Each ingredient in this supplement is at 
the highest effective amount to help achieve best 

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