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Natural supplements to boost your fertility and maximise chances of conceiving
Where nature meets nurture…

The cassava root is one of Mother Nature’s gifts to awaken and stimulate the female reproductive system. After a little preparation it unleashes its magical properties!


This special formulation has been carefully thought out to support you before and during pregnancy.

Research shows that cassava root contains a natural hormone ‘phytoestrogen’, which may stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs known as ‘hyper-ovulation’. It is a natural way to boosting fertility and may increase chances of having twins!

We wish you all the very best on your journey to becoming pregnant!

Cassanovum ORIGINAL 
Pure Cassava Root Extract & Folic Acid (60 Capsules)

Suggested Use: 1-2 a day, start on any day of the cycle and continue until pregnant. 

This supplement was especially designed to gently and naturally help women prepare for a pregnancy. Cassava Root contains ‘Phytoestrogens’ – natural oestrogens – which can stimulate the female reproductive system. Fortified with folic acid.

  • Stimulates ovaries to produce multiple eggs –> HYPER-OVULATION; 

  • Regulates the menstrual cycle;

  • Increases chances of becoming pregnant.

Cassanovum PLUS
Cassava Root Extract & Unique Herbal Blend (30 Capsules)

Suggested Use: 1 a day, start on the first day of your menstrual cycle and continue until pregnant.

Cassanovum Plus has been fortified with powerful natural ingredients to maximise chances of conceiving and also prepares for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Cassava Root Extract – natural ovarian stimulation

  • Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste Berry) – stimulates and stabilises the reproductive hormones thus increasing fertility and chances of becoming pregnant (PCOS);

  • Red Raspberry Leaf Extract – tones the uterine muscles and normalises blood flow. Helps in endometriosis by reducing bleeding of the endometrial tissues;

  • Nettle Leaf Extract - tones and nourishes the uterus, prepares a woman’s body for pregnancy and for sustaining the embryo once conception occurs.

Cassava Root Extract & Unique Herbal Blend – (30 Capsules)

Suggested Use: – One a day, between first day of menstrual cycle (first day of bleeding) and day 14 of your cycle. In PCOS and missing period start on any day. Do not use after ovulation occurs until your next cycle.

Specially formulated to support healthy ovarian function including:

  • Improved egg quality; 

  • Nourishing the uterine lining;

  • Increased cervical mucous quality and quantity;

  • Cassava Root Extract, Maca, Evening Primrose Oil, Chaste Berry, Dandelion, Borage Oil, Tribulus, Licorice, Red Clover and Ashwagandha.

This unique combination will support overall fertility and increase chances of conceiving naturally.

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