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Cassanovum Motility & Count nutritional tablets are specially formulated to help support male fertility through optimal sperm maturation and development. The supplement provides a carefully balanced comprehensive formulation of vitamins, minerals, important antioxidants and natural herbal extracts to help support health and vitality.


ONE Tablet daily for 4 months to achieve
optimal sperm maturation and development
to boost sperm motility and count.


Cassanovum Motility & Count is a unique combination of quality herbs and optimum dosages of vitamins that combines the power of nature and science in order to support sperm count and motility - both of which are crucial for a successful pregnancy to occur.


13 carefully selected powerful herbs and nutrients are
contained in Cassanovum Motility & Count Supplement
for your optimal benefit.


14 essential vitamins were added to further benefit
healthy sperm development.


Cassanovum Motility & Count provides the complete spectrum of nutrients proven to be benecial for male fertility. The nutrients contained in the product are likely to increase all key male fertility parameters such as: semen volume, sperm count, motility and morphology.


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Cassanovum Motility and Count - Premium Vitamins & Herbs BOOST for MEN complete

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