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Cassanovum Uterine Health is a composition of multivitamins, minerals and 
herbs specifically formulated to help build, nourish and protect the uterine lining in 
preparation for a successful implantation and 
development of the baby.


Why Uterine Health?

Many fertility supplements and fertility treatments focus mainly upon the sperm and the egg. These are truly essential factors in initiating a pregnancy. There are of course many other factors such as nutritional preparation through taking complex vitamins at least 3 months prior to conception and less spoken about: Uterine Health.
Even the best quality embryos cannot survive more than 7 days outside of the womb therefore a healthy uterus is an essential bridge between conception and delivery. 

Taking necessary steps to optimize uterine receptivity - the term used to describe how inviting the environment is for the embryo - represents a critical link between conception and a successful pregnancy.


12 Carefully selected powerful herbs contained in 
Cassanovum Uterine Health Supplement
for your maximum benefit​​​​​​​


Cassanovum Uterine Health is a composition of multivitamins, minerals and herbs specifically formulated to help build, nourish and protect the uterine lining in preparation for a successful implantation and development of the baby. Uterine Health is very important, amongst one of many factors that allow successful pregnancy, so we also recommend premium Pregnancy Preparation Vitamins in a supplement Cassanovum EGG. These 2 supplements taken together will give you a healthy start on your journey of becoming pregnant.
Strongly recommended before IVF treatment.  


8 Essential vitamins were added to further benefit
 a healthy and nourished Uterus​​​​​​​


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Cassanovum Uterine Health Premium Preparation for IMPLANTATION

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